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One cold night an employee of Mollie’s Cat Place was feeding a feral cat colony when she noticed a cat she hadn’t seen before. When she opened her car door, Lexy jumped in (a Lexus, hence the name Lexy). Lexy was friendly, so rather than return her outside with the feral cats, the employee brought her here with the intention of finding her owner or finding her a home. That never happened, and Lexy has become a part of our cat community.

We think Lexy is about 1 year old. We had her examined by a vet, checked for a chip (there was none), vaccinated and spayed.

Lexy has turned into a beautiful sleek black “house panther”. She is a sweety and loves to purr and wind around our legs. She is developing a paunch that makes her look like she’s pregnant, so we may need to put her on a diet in the future.