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Coal came to live at Mollie’s Cat Place before we decided to concentrate on old cats and cats with health issues. We were doing TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) in a colony of feral cats living behind a restaurant. When we took Coal to the clinic, we were surprised to learn he had already been neutered and he was friendly and not feral. Rather than put him back outside, we brought him to Mollie’s Cat Place. We tried to locate his owners but were unsuccessful. We named him Coal because his dark gray fur is the color of charcoal.

Coal will sometimes strut around and bully the other cats, but he is actually very timid. If a stranger comes into the house, he crawls under the furniture and will not come out until they leave. Coal likes to be carried around on your shoulder. If he knows you, he will often lie on the back of the couch and reach out to grab you as you go by because he wants a shoulder ride.

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