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For many years Borris was the largest cat in Mollie’s Cat Place. He was big, healthy, and full of life. In 2019 we noticed his energy level had decreased, and he started losing weight rapidly. The vet diagnosed him with diabetes and FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). There is currently no treatment for FIP in the United States, and up until recently, it was considered a death sentence. Fortunately, we found a Facebook group for people who were treating their cats with medicine imported from China. We joined that group, and after 12 weeks of daily injections, Borris appears to have fully recovered.

Borris is a love bug and will sometimes take a flying leap into your lap when you sit down. He is also a climber, and routinely scales our cat-proof fence and wanders into the carport, where he waits by the door for someone to let him into the house.

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