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Bogey was on the euthanasia list at Fort Worth shelter because he tested positive for FIV. He is a beautiful cat, with long, silky black fur and a broody look, which could be why the shelter volunteers named him Bogey. Bogey used to live in Nelson’s Cabin, but he insisted on being in the main house, so we finally gave in.  Bogey has found a unique way to break out of the cat-proof fence surrounding the patio. He climbs the tree next to the house, jumps onto the roof, climbs over the roof peak and down the other side, jumps onto the wooden crossbar above the gate, and climbs down the gatepost to the ground.  To get back in, he reverses the process. Occasionally, he will stay out all night. The next morning, he will show up at the back door, tired and hungry. When we let him in, he eats his food and falls asleep on the bed for the rest of the day.

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